Tony Robbins — I like his style

As someone who loves self-help books and resources, I had heard a lot about this guy Tony Robbins. He seemed like a dinosaur that had been in the business a while, too long to know much that applied to my generation. Plus, the fact that he was highly commercialized made me doubt his authenticity.

Still, I was at my old job and things were slow so I had some time to put on something in the background. I was pretty skeptical until I stumbled across this gem above.

If you go on YouTube and look up the latest relationship self-help people, a lot of the mainstream ones push a very me-focused attitude where if you aren’t happy with your partner and have serious issues that they won’t change, the best thing to do is be honest with yourself and move on.

Tony takes a more selfless dynamic and explains that it’s not about you, it’s about loving and serving them. Once you do that, they will want to be the best version of themselves for you. It won’t be a power struggle or negotiation; both people will do things because they genuinely want to make the other person happy.

Sometimes in my marriage, I put myself first and try to negotiate and often it doesn’t help. People only care about what you say when they know how much care. In a perfect marriage, it’s not a points system but something where people strive to make each other the best they can be. I think Tony really hit the nail with this one.

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