Trump 2020?

Donald Trump – that crazy billionaire that we all loved watching on TV for his no bs and no sugar-coating approach. The same reason we thought Simon Cowell and Eminem were interesting. I think when I was a kid watching The Apprentice I heard a joke here or there like “what if this guy were President, how crazy would that be?” but no one ever took it seriously. Now here we are in 2020 with him finishing his term.

What have we learned? One thing is for sure; you don’t have to be presidential to be a President. He is as rough-around-the-edges as it goes. He is the first choice for a judge on a reality TV show, and makes for good entertainment, but as a President? I would say he definitely is not your typical choice to represent a whole country and it’s values. But you can’t deny he loves his country with a passion that no one disrespects.

Will it be enough? Honestly I don’t think so. People like his straight-forwardness and passion but I think people can only tolerate so little “presidentialness”. Most of what he has said has been taken way out of context, but the mainstream left media has been waging a fierce war against him since Day 1 and a lot of people believe the spins they put. I don’t blame them, because he has said a lot of really dumb things that you can’t justify to context. And even though technically how eloquent and presidential someone is has nothing to do with how well they can run a country, those things resonate with a lot of people.

Take a look at our Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. He had pretty much no political experience or credentials that would make him a good choice to run a country, but no one can deny that he is very articulate, charismatic, and knows what to say to spin any situation. He is a true politician. He won a majority government right after Stephen Harper had helped take us through the housing crisis relatively unscathed. And I get it. Myself, I used to judge people a lot more not necessarily on how competent they were but instead how nice or friendly they were.

So even though as a conservative I would want Trump to be re-elected in 2020, I don’t think it will happen. I think the 2018 mid-terms were a foreshadow of what will happen. I think the world is shifting left and more left as a whole and I just hope that we don’t go too far. You need balance at both ends of the political spectrum.

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